Global warming, fossil fuels and ecological issues

What is global warming and what does it have to do with me” you may wonder. Then this website is for you. Here you will find information about climate change and global warming, fossil fuels and other ecological issues.

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We hear so many stories about climate change it is hard to decide whether global warming is fact or myth.Even if we believe it is really happening there are so many possible reasons and solutions it is easy to lose track.I have heard so many people sigh: “It’s no use trying to do the right thing, whatever we do there’s always something wrong.”This is probably true, simply because ‘what is right’ is different for each of us.

This is why I decided to create this website. So that everyone may have easy access to all the information needed to decide for him or herself what is the right thing to do. I’m convinced not a single human being would willingly and knowingly destroy the planet we live on. All of us, even the poorest, are willing to spend a little extra money, time and energy to preserve the natural environment.

Oil-refineryBut there are so many things we’re told we should and shouldn’t do, we sometimes feel we’re wasting our hard-earned money, our precious time and energy.
Should we spend money on trying to clean up the way we use fossil fuels?
Are coal, oil and gas equally bad for the environment? Which one should we clean up? Which technique could we use?
Is it worth developing such technologies or are fossil fuels going to run out soon anyway?

Wind MillsWould it be wiser to invest in renewable energy technology? If so, which one?
What are the possibilities of wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy and what are their limitations?
Will we need replacement fuels and if so, which ones would be best?

There is a multitude of questions and even more possible answers. I will try to give as complete a picture as possible so that you can make up your mind as to which solution is best. The problems of pollution the world is facing today are all related. We need energy to produce electricity to run our factories, our whole social and economic system depends on energy production. Therefore this website is not limited to information about energy.

Phil-Alo-Lnd-N021Er051207I also discuss questions such as:
Would it be better if we bought less, made the things we have last longer and bought 2nd hand articles rather than new ones?
What kind of impact would such behaviour have on the economy?
Will the world’s economy remain the same over the next few years or is it going to change anyway?
Is change desirable or not?
Cow at sunsetIs it fair one-third of global population lives in great comfort and luxury while the other people are having a hard time just trying to stay alive?
Would change be in everyone’s favour? Who would gain and who would lose?
Is equal distribution of wealth possible?
Is it worthwhile to buy Fair Trade products?
Is it useful to buy biological or organic products?
Do we buy meat or should we become vegetarians? If we do buy meat, what kind of meat should we buy?

Even though I will cover the scope of possible answers to these questions as thoroughly as possible, highlighting advantages as well as disadvantages, I can only give a limited amount of information here. For those who wish to learn more about one subject or another, such as climate change, global warming, peak oil, biological and organic products, fossil fuels, renewable energy and many more, I have added links to books you may want to buy on amazone.com. Each of these books will give more in-depth information and may help to answer your questions.



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